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Who can apply?

You can apply for Bachelor’s degree-level education if you have completed upper secondary education or have a vocational diploma:

Date Updated: 21-SEP-2011
plus  Qualifications that give eligibility to apply to all degree programmes
plus  Qualifications that give eligibility to apply to corresponding field of study

Discretionary admission

PLEASE NOTICE: Points under Discretionary admission concern only applicants applying to HAMK University of Applied Sciences! If you apply also to other universities of applied sciences, check their requirements from their websites.

Date Updated: 22-SEP-2011
plus  Citizens of European countries (non-EU/EEA)
plus  Citizens of Canada, China, the United States or Vietnam


Application process in a nutshell:

  1. Apply online at www.admissions.fi between 7 January - 11 February 2014.
  2. Submit the required attachments to the admissions office by 21 February 2014.
  3. The entrance examination invitations will be sent 14 March and the entrance examinations will be held in April 2014.
  4. Information on admissions will be available 27 May 2014.
  5. If you get admitted, you must confirm your study place by sending a confirmation of acceptance form to the admissions office by 29 July 2014.


Further information:

HAMK University of Applied Sciences
Admissions Office (Visamäentie 35 A)
PO Box 225
FI-13101 Hämeenlinna, FINLAND

tel. +358 3 646 4503

Online application and further information on application procedure: www.admissions.fi

Practical information for international students: www.hamk.fi/welcome

Further information on visas and residence permits: www.migri.fi

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